Gray’s Anatomy, The Vampires Diaries, Vikings: Our Top Series of January 2017!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

We propose you to discover our ranking of the series that marked us during the month of September 2016. So, who will be number 1?
The month of January 2017 is already coming to an end and if all the series have not been present – or only partially – in recent weeks, we still had our dose of twists, emotions and surprises. You can also find our program series of the week including Clem, Vikings or The 100 , on melty. As always, it was difficult to make choices and rank the series, but we kept only those – we believe – marked the first months of 2017. In addition, do not hesitate to Share your Top Series personal in the comments. Without further ado then discover our classification of the month of January:
8 – The Vampire Diaries
The return of The Vampire Diaries , last burst of episodes before the end, is quite successful especially because the series plays the nostalgia card and for people who follow the show for the first time, it ‘ always a pleasure . Between the election of Miss Mystic Falls, Stefan en Ripper and the return of certain characters, we had our dose of emotions and good moments to savor. The intrigue around the sirens is now firmly rooted in the mythology of the series and fits much better than the one of last year with the Heretics. As we approach the end of the series, we feel more and more that it will be hard to say goodbye to this world and its characters.
7 – Riverdale
Last week, The CW has launched a new series called Riverdale inspired by Archie Comics. This teen drama signed Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) drew our attention because it combines several genres including and especially a teenager stimulus series. We loved to delve into the rather dark world of this small town drama will come shake people’s lives . The characters are rather endearing and we are eager to see if the next episodes will confirm the good impression given by the premiere season. In any case, we strongly recommend you leave a chance to the series.
6 – Agents of SHIELD
Agents of SHIELD continues its momentum with episodes always dynamic and full of twists. The mystery around Melinda May and her double android finally finds some answers but no resolution yet to offer us more suspense. With a plot that quickly advance and development always important characters – including Mack in past episodes – Agents of SHIELD gives us a well-rounded season and the friendliest watching . It remains to be seen when May will manage to escape and if Coulson and his team can get rid of his double LMD …
5 – How To Get Away With Murder
How to Get Away with Murder gets fifth in our top with a full recovery revelations but less surprising than what we expected. The first winter has finally shown us how Michaela, Laurel, Asher, Connor, Oliver and especially Annalise responded just after the death of Wes and the least we can say is that things are looking complicated . In addition to that, we had the right to many answers to crucial questions that had been asked for weeks but the episode turned out to be more informative than exciting and the twists to which Pete Nowalk has inhabited us n ‘Were not really there. Nevertheless “We’re Bad People” still a nice recovery episode that makes us want to know how will unfold following the series with a main character less.
4 – Scandal
Scandal was finally back after a very – too – long break and with an explosive episode. Olivia Pope is back and with it the reversals of situations of which only Shonda Rhimes has the secret. The least we can say is that we had our share of surprises in the space of forty-two minutes, notably thanks to the revelations following the presidential elections. The scenes between Mellie and Olivia loved, and Mellie and Fitz – which we did not annoyed in the first season – but also the powerful monologues delivered by Olivia and Abby . This episode announces a very good season and it is hoped that it will continue this momentum!
3 – This is Us
There is no longer a free Top Series This Is Us , our favorite series of the 2016-2017 season. Always as constant in the quality of the intrigues that we propose, it is a pleasure to follow the stories of these characters as true as natures. The latest episode has simply upset us and we wonder how the season will end. Fortunately, we can already reassure ourselves with the fact that This is Us has already been renewed for two seasons.
2 – Gray’s Anatomy
What a recovery! After weeks of waiting, the 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy has finally resumed with an intense episode in which you can find our review of melty. Certainly, we did not have many answers regarding the great plot of the season: Alex. But instead, the series offered us a well-paced, well-conducted and touching episode. By choosing to Arizona, and Jo Bailey in the middle of the first winter, Grey’s Anatomy is a small homecoming to prove that we should not necessarily much to make a good episode . A particular patient, unusual working conditions and characters that work well together can be the recipe for success. Moreover the answer on the fate of Alex brought by Bailey at the end of the episode could be a little frustrating but simply gives us even more want to be next week to know finally how this whole situation will evolve.
1 – Vikings
This second part of Season 4 of Vikings is full of twists and renewal. While we had to mourn a character dear to our hearts in this month of January, the series does not hesitate to take great risks to renew itself and remain surprising and coherent. One thing is certain, this character we already lack much, but it totally redistributes power cards and it’s just exciting to watch . It remains only one episode in this brilliant season – which will air Wednesday in the United States – and already look forward to find out, especially after the end of episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings. What is your Top Series for the month of January 2017?