Gray’s Anatomy vs. Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead vs. The Vampire Diaries: The Choice of the Editor!

Cinema 5 July, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup continues to be in full swing on melty, discover our little darlings for the semi finals!

The competition is getting tighter! In a few weeks we will discover the name of the series that will win the 2017 World Cup. We will not lie, we are terribly impatient to discover who will succeed Game of Thrones. While Melty’s editorial tells you which series had qualified for the quarter-finals, we wanted to reveal who our little darlings were in the games of the moment. The opportunity for the most undecided to decide and fight like never before to allow their favorite show to win the supreme title!

This is a particularly complicated match! It must be said that these two series both possess undeniable qualities. If Gray’s Anatomy knows how to tackle delicate subjects with exceptional depth, Teen Wolf has managed to build authentic and terribly endearing characters. No doubt that this match promises to be ultra tight for fans who may just be torn apart. Even though our hearts are scoring enormously, we will vote in favor of Teen Wolf. Not only did she see her last World Series Cup, but she offered us a better season than Gray’s Anatomy.

This too is complicated for fans of series! While some will have no doubt, others will be particularly hesitant as this duel sees two emblematic shows confront each other. While The Vampire Diaries recently ended on the CW, The Walking Dead was widely criticized for its seventh season. The victory promises to be difficult to lose. On our side, we still look for The Walking Dead even if the inhabitants of Mystic Falls would also deserve to win their ticket for the semi finals!
But do not panic, nothing is yet played! So you have to give yourself everything to allow your favorite to win the game that will then take him into the semifinals. Do not let go, your favorite characters are counting on you! While waiting for more information, Melty’s editor wondered if Elena Gilbert could surpass Rick Grimes at the 2017 World Cup.