Gray’s Anatomy: What if Alex Karev had never existed?

Cinema 19 June, 2017

While waiting for season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy, return on one of the secrets revealed by Shonda Rhimes on the existence of Alex Karev …
She has 13 seasons already , Gray’s Aantomy always has secrets for her fans and fortunately, her creator Shonda Rhimes is here to reveal some of us. On the occasion of a masterclass on writing, the founder of Shondaland gave several unpublished infos on its flagship series, one of which caught our attention. Indeed Shonda Rhimes explained that at the beginning, the character of Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers, did not exist in the series . It was written after the pilot was shot and we must admit that we are rather happy that his character exists. After all the catastrophes and tragedies experienced by the different doctors of the Seattle Grace.
But what would have happened if Alex had not existed? Evidently it is impossible for us to list and even to imagine all the consequences of his absence, but we may be interested in a few facts in particular. One suspects for example that the plot of Izzie Stevens would have been very different since after many conflicts, Izzie and Alex end up getting married . Meredith’s life would undoubtedly have been upset too. Between George’s death, Izzie’s departure, Cristina’s and Derek’s death, Meredith has often clung to Alex in the last few seasons. Confident and friendly, Alex has always been there to help Meredith through the worst disasters and she would probably feel lonely without him.
But Izzie and Meredith are not the only ones involved in Alex’s life. One wonders who would have taken his place with Arizona Robbins if he had not existed. Indeed the surgeon took Alex under his wing and helped him develop his talent with the children. Very good duo to the block but not only, Alex and Arizona have become good friends over the years. Would it be the same if another character had taken Alex’s place beside her? Fortunately we will never know. Anyway Alex has always had a central role in the series, going from bad boy to moral landmark and always present for his friends . So we are very happy that Shonda Rhimes ended up writing him a role. While waiting to know what will happen to him in the sequel, You have been given new information about the spin-off of Gray’s Anatomy . And you what do you think ?