Gray’s Anatomy: What if the series was part of the Marvel universe?

Cinema 31 December, 2016

While the series are currently in winter break, this absence has given ideas to the most dedicated fans. One of them imagined a crazy theory: and if Gray’s Anatomy was part of the Marvel universe?
A completely crazy theory! And yes the meltynauts, the winter break is the opportunity for the most unconditional fans to fill the absence of their fetish series by imagining the craziest theories. And precisely, one of them has the effect of a bomb on the web. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the real name of Jo through confidences Camilla Luddington on the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , back on this assumption completely blocked. For one of the users of the site Reddit, the series would, in fact, take place in a small corner of the universe of Marvel. And the Internet user did not hesitate to give arguments to support his theory. Thus, according to him, the fact that the characters can do things that are almost humanly impossible is already a first indication . In addition, he believes that all the disasters that occurred in Seattle and that the doctors have survived while continuing to save lives are heroism. In this sense and from a thematic point of view, the show and the universe of Marvel would be similar. The user of Reddit continues by confiding that the fact that the series regularly makes use of high-tech technological objects would recall the prowess of the Marvel Universe. The internet user is particularly referring to a season 10 episode in which Burke offers an interactive hologram heart to Cristina.
Still in this episode the user notes that the conversation between Cristina and Burke who offers him a job in Switzerland is practically word for word at the scene in which Tony Stark offers a job in Pepper Potts. So, like Tony, Burke carefully chooses his words to convince Dr. Yang who, like Pepper, is indignant and mistaken about the real intentions of his interlocutor. His last argument based on the fact that Marvel and ABC belong to any two Disney. He concluded that the link between the two universes would explain why it happens so much drama in Seattle . He strongly doubted that a crossover could ever take place between Gray’s Anatomy and one of the franchise’s films, but he would love to see one of the doctors one day referring to the Battle of New York. One thing is certain, Internet users clearly have imagination. Pending January 19, discover a new promo for ABC TGIT on melty. What do you think of this theory?