Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead beat Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries: Possible surprises?

Cinema 11 July, 2017

The 2017 World Cup continues to flourish. Will there be any surprises in the results? Who will qualify in the semi-finals? It’s up to you to decide !

This new week of World Series Cup competition is most intense. The TV shows are really neck and neck and some games are played with a few votes, like Teen Wolf and Gray’s Anatomy who has the smallest gap. They are very very tight and it will be difficult to decide between them. Obviously, you decide who will qualify in the semifinal. Which series have managed to seduce you? Which made you vibrate and shiver at the same time? You know, we have to vote every day HERE or on our Facebook page. For now, Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries are beaten by Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead, but will they manage to pull themselves together?

This week, The Walking Dead is struggling with The Vampire Diaries. Will the show pay for its bad season? Nothing is yet determined and there can be sacred surprises! Moreover, Once Upon A Time had taken a little head start on Vikings, however, everything can still be changed and you know it! It’s the same for 13 Reasons Why that beats Riverdale. Which of the two shows will qualify in the semi-finals? The series do not release anything and we can witness reversals of situations before the end of the votes. Who deserves to win? In any case, it is a very beautiful competition and you are many to mobilize for your favorite series!