Grey’s Anatomy at the lowest, The Big Bang Theory goes: Hearings of the US 10/11!

Cinema 12 November, 2016

Discover American audiences series that were broadcast last night on network channels!
It’s already the end of the week before returning the balance of hearings tomorrow, it’s time for the moment to look at the figures for the series that were broadcast last night in the US. At 20h, there were 7.17 million viewers to episode 8 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , which marks the second lowest audience ever for the medical series ABC . And with only 1.9% of the 18-49 series equalizes its lowest rate on target. Meanwhile, on CBS, The Big Bang Theory goes with 14.22 million people and a nice 3.4% rate. On the CW, 1.78 million Americans (0.8%) following the new episode of Legends of Tomorrow , the series remains stable. Rosewood is down with 3.31 million curious (0.7%), while Superstore up with 4.38 million fans and 1.3% on the target. Another episode of the series aired at 20:30, as The Good Place ‘s hiatus, and collected 4.52 million people (1.4%). At the same time, The Great Indoors totaled 7.91 million viewers with a 1.7% rate, the series is stable but it’s still less than half its lead-in, The Big Bang Theory .
At 21h, despite the fall of Grey’s Anatomy, Notorious back on ABC with 3.77 million viewers and 0.9% on the target. Mom is also rising on CBS by bringing 7080000 curious with a rate of 1 5% of 18-49 years, and the same applies for Supernatural (1.69 million and 0.6%) on the CW. Moreover, pitch down again with only US 2.64 million before the new episode and a rate of 0.7% for FOX, as Chicago Med , but still remains higher with 7.08 million of viewers (1.5%). At 21:30, the opportunity continues to smile at CBS since Life in Pieces is also rising with a total of 6.19 million people and 1.4% on the target. At 22h, the season 8 episode 3 How to Get Away with Murder was up slightly with 4.28 million fans and 1.2% over 18-49 years . Finally, The Blacklist gathered 6.52 million Americans with a rate of 1.4% on the target. What do you think?