Grey’s Anatomy, Legends of Tomorrow, Once Upon a Time: The best songs of the episodes of the week!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

New week, new episodes, new music! This week, it was soft ear with Grey’s Anatomy, Legends of Tomorrow and Once Upon A Time.
Store your Shazam! We are here for you ! In this weekly appointment, we offer the best songs of the episodes of the week. Just for you, we select the best of the best music of the last episodes aired, all series! The medical drama Shonda Rhimes has made about her last week with its final episode. The 8 season 13 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which is critical to read melty , was a bottle episode happens only in one piece, ie here an operating theater. As usual with the series, the music has an important place and a piece touched us. Also titles were selected heard in Once Upon A Time, Legends of Tomorrow and the Canal + novelty, The Young Pope! For your listening pleasure, so there’s Broods, Lotte Kestner, the Ruth B. and Kenny Loggins.
Meredith, Stephanie, Richard and Owen are in an operating room and the ghosts of the past haunt them . This particular episode of Grey’s Anatomy has divided fans but if there’s one thing for which they agree, it is to say that the music is good. One can enjoy the song “All of your glory” of Broods, we had already pointed in a previous column. To believe that the band’s songs are perfect for our series.
The Young Pope, whose criticism of beautiful episodes 7 and 8 is to read about melty , uses music with talent. The filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino is also known to bind magically music and image. With his first series, you can see right now on Canal +, we find beautiful pieces and in episode 8, one discovers a cover of “Halo” scary! We must thank Lotte Kestner to that magical moment.
In the latest Once Upon a Time, entitled “I’m your mirror” , we can enjoy the beautiful song of Ruth B ., Then Henry welcomes Violet at Granny’s for a surprise and very romantic dance, just to catch up with that they could not do. This is the song “In my dreams” and it is very beautiful. The time is moving and is clearly relishing.
Ultimately, it is the Legends of Tomorrow side as we picked the last song of the week. The series sends his characters in the time of President Ronald Reagan and you can hear the song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. This title is part of the soundtrack of the cult movie Top Gun. It fits perfectly with the spirit of Legends of Tomorrow when the heroes arrive at the White House. What song do you remember from that week Series?