Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon A Time: What series may not go into the final?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

There are only 4 left in competition in the 2017 World Cup and we already know that 2 of them will not go to the next stage, but which ones?

You still have a few days left to vote HERE, Facebook and Snapchat for your favorite series before the 2017 World Cup Final and as you know, there is not much left to compete! On one side are Gray’s Anatomy physicians competing with the vampires of The Vampire Diaries who have eliminated The Walking Dead, and on the other hand the regular One Once Upon Time contest confronts the little news 13 Reasons Why. On both sides the competition is raging but obviously two winners already stand out! In the first game, The Vampire Diaries is currently one step ahead of Gray’s Anatomy with 55% of the vote against 45% for Meredith and his friends. But nothing is yet played since everything can still change with the votes on Facebook and Snapchat.

Will vampires enjoy their last 2017 World Cup participation to win the Cup? As for the second match, 13 Reasons Why is well ahead of fan-favorite Once Upon A Time that could eventually bow to the doors of the final this year. After winning the trophy twice, Emma Swan could be beaten by Hannak Baker and his tragic stories that have conquered many fans on Netflix. Indeed, Hannah’s stories collected 58% of the votes against only 42% for Once Upon A Time on the site. Obviously nothing is played and you still have a few days to vote and reverse the trend.