Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: 3 plots to be developed to raise the level of new episodes!

Cinema 2 December, 2016

While one waits quietly the rest of the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, here are the three intrigues quickly develop up to the level of future episodes.

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-10-episodeIt is on 19 January that the 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy will resume service on ABC . We’re not going to lie, this season was especially disappointing. Intrigues forgotten lengths, lack of challenges: the first nine episodes of the thirteenth chapter of the medical drama Shonda Rhimes was not up to par. The first season was more successful, but the result was laborious. It is hoped that the Christmas break is going to think the writers of the series and if they are looking for inspiration, here are three plots to develop quickly (or simply resume) for the series found its splendor.
First, Jackson and April should find strong storylines. Since the return of the series, the two surgeons have become parents. This was in itself a story that we all expected, especially as we were very emotionally involved concerning . But strangely, Jackson and April were almost absent subscribers throughout the first half of the season. Obviously, one does not ask Shonda to put them together directly, but at least to give them time to decent antenna.
We all remember that at the end of season 12, Meredith understood that she would end up in the middle of a love triangle with Maggie, her sister and Nathan. The series was pretty good party with this plot, which promised to raise tension until the truth was going to burst and then from wholesale family drama. However, the plot is been forgotten since episode 5 . It is high time she returned to the front of the scene as it announced great things.
Finally, it would be necessary to move the relationship between Alex and Jo . Without calling them together, their dynamic is the same since the latter had beaten DeLuca in the season finale 12. One could imagine that the husband of Jo arrives ( or when it is the time of Tinder ‘April as had been suggested there are few ) to inject a bit more tension and drama in this somewhat boring season. The 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy returns in January on ABC. What do you expect next?