Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: 3 returns that we want after that of Murphy!

Cinema 5 November, 2016

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-8-retourThe return of Leah Murphy in the 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy gave us ideas. There are three characters from the show, worshiped or passage, that we want to come back.

Surgeons Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital are a lot of final outputs (hear, they die) like that, they are sure not to return in the following season and they can finally turn the page Grey’s Anatomy. But occasionally, there are only departing away from Seattle. So they can come back! With episode 6 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, which is critical to read melty , we got the return of a character which we had almost forgotten about: Leah Murphy. Transformed and now excellent, the doctor returned from sensational manner in the series. At the editorial ‘of melty, it clearly gave us ideas. Three comebacks We listed our favorite doctors we would like to see happen . Our most tenacious desire relates Addison Montgomery . The OBGYN sparkling must go through Seattle! The character of Kate Walsh is worship and has spiced up the seasons 2 and 3 of Grey’s Anatomy before taking off in Private Practice for 6 years. With the plot of Amelia (character introduced in the spin off centered Addison), it could be really nice to have the return of the character in the corridors of the hospital. Not full-time, one suspects that Kate Walsh did not want to wear his white coat for several seasons, but a small arc of some (3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 or even 100) episodes, would be a nice idea . To the wise !

Among our favorite guests of all seasons combined ago Geena Davis. The actress, currently in The Exorcist, which one wonders if the twist of the episode 5 can save the series, playing Dr. Nicole Herman, a high-flying doctor and became mentor-friend from Arizona. Sick, she had an operation went wrong and ended his career. This arc of 12 episodes in season 11 was really friendly and it changed a lot of usually amorous intrigues Arizona Robbins . Nor would tell the same very brief return Geena by Nicole Herman, history of capitalizing on that character that we had started to like and that was shipped once it was no longer in the hospital. A comeback Return to the Leah Murphy would be really nice. Good with his blindness, it may not hurt to complicate things in the operating room but we are sure that the writers can find something else for him to do.

And among all living doctors that we would see wandering the corridors, our ultimate choice (sorry Cristina, a next time) obviously covers: Izzie ‘s ex Alex must necessarily go through Seattle by the end of the series (we hope after the 37 season at least) come to spice up the lives of his former colleagues and our viewing. Katherine Heigl is busy with yet another series which may be canceled after one season but she and Shonda must find the opportunity to work for the return of Izzie. With judicial problems Karev, there is material that the comeback of the young woman can make sense. We wish we review them together and see them settle their differences. This could also go out Alex’s love triangle in which it may end up stuck. Incidentally, it would also be good as Grey’s Anatomy stop putting his characters in such positions, it’s a bit ridiculous after a while. Anyway, here with the return of Murphy, Pandora’s box was opened and now we can wish, hope and dream that other characters, although most emblematic that internally, we come back. Who would you want to come back in the next season of Grey’s Anatomy?