Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: A disappointing start to the season?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

While the first part of the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy coming to an end, one can not help but feel a disappointment peak on the proposed intrigues.

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-5-episodeTomorrow night, the first part of the season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy comes to an end with an episode that promises already great times as we like. Between judgment Alex Karev and a new catastrophe that will bring its share of patients at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, is expected to find all the ingredients that make the medical drama Shonda Rhimes, a successful drama. Anyway, we hope, as the beginning of the thirteenth season is somewhat disappointing, particularly in comparison with the previous season. If th season premiere of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy has continued the momentum of the previous, fast medical cases have taken precedence over plot and we are left with a rather uneven episodes building . The only constant seems to be that intrigue Alex, otherwise others will come and go and sometimes even seem to disappear.
In the first episodes of the season, we had a lot of time on the love triangle Meredith / Nathan / Maggie and now it has even been mentioned in the episodes that have just been published. If this story is far from our favorite because it is very deja vu, it’s still strange to see her disappear without even a small mention . Of course, we doubt that has not finished with this triangle, but it is true that the construction of this plot is strange. As for Amelia Owen, again, their plot is very déjà vu. If one is happy to see that the painful past Amelia is finally treated in Grey’s Anatomy, one can not help thinking that going in circles with Owelia couple.
Of course, not everything is to throw in this season, it remains Grey’s Anatomy and therefore a series of dialogues with quality and intrigue. However, it is rarely at its best when medical intrigues prevail over the intrigues of the characters. You do not lose all the same hope that the result is better. The arrival of a new character, Eliza, that should upset the functioning of the hospital including how owners and residents teach surgery to internal is a beautiful promise for the future . Moreover, when the trial of Alex is finally finished, we will also move on from that side because the plot does not reveal himself as exciting as expected. In short, it’s pretty disappointed but do not despair because we trust Shonda Rhimes to give us a nice second part of the season. In the meantime, know that you can already watch the promo video of the episode 9 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy on melty. What did you think of this season?