Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Alex and Meredith couple? Fans give their opinions!

Cinema 23 November, 2016

The 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy continues its momentum. The couples are made and unmade. What about Meredith and Alex? One thing for sure is that the fans are divided … Read their opinions!

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-1-spoilersSince his return, the 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy has several triangles in love with honor. If we thought that between Maggie, Meredith and Nathan would speak about him in recent weeks, this plot seems exhausted. In addition, Meredith and Alex are closer than ever and rumors are rife. When Midseason Finale Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, which is our criticism , doubts began to soar because their romance seems on track to be realized. Shonda Rhimes she will decide to put the couple now both are unmarried? This plot had lot about her at the end of season 12, and it will more beautiful in this season of 13 Grey’s Anatomy . However, that the fans think? They are fairly shared … Discover now their opinion!
& I want Meredith Alex together … Then They Could do a pair of Them seasons as a couple and him finally be HAPPY! #GreysAnatomy PLEASE!
– Krystal Lynn❄⛄ (@Hamilton_Gaming) November 18, 2016
So Apparently Shonda is going to make Alex and Meredith couples and I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.
– JACKIEEE❤️❤️❤️ (@jackie_tacos) November 22, 2016
Please put Alex and Meredith together! They Would make Such a cute couple!
– Rhonda Louise Hitt (@HittLouise) November 22, 2016
TOO wait for Meredith and Alex sleep, begin dating and repopulate the earth.
– TRINIT Y. (@ breath3dream) October 29, 2016
alex and Meredith have a pair
– VAGS (@vagsner) November 1, 2016
Meredith and Alex a couple, you would? Know that the fans are not able to agree on this. On Twitter , we find many reviews related to this plot. Rhonda Louise Hitt tweeted: “PLEASE put Alex and Meredith together they would make a beautiful couple!” . Krystal Lynn seems to be of the same mind as she shared: ” i want Meredith and Alex are together they could make a few seasons being a couple, and it would finally HAPPY #GreysAnatomy PLEASE “… .TRINITY has in turn showed his excitement about the Meredith / pair Alex: ” TOO haste that Meredith and Alex to bed, get in couple and repopulate the earth. ” . However, all fans do not agree and do not want in any case to see them together. JACKIEEE tweeted: “So apparently Shonda will put Alex and Meredith couple and I AM NOT HAPPY WITH AC” . Finally, VAGS used a comical gif to express his feelings about this duo. As you see, there is disagreement … Until we know more about their future love story, discover when the episode 10 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy will air! And you what do you think ?