Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: And if Meredith was with Alzheimer’s and had dreamed his life? The crazy theory!

Cinema 24 November, 2016

While 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy is currently on winter break, a very scary theory comes to the day among the fans! And if Meredith had Alzheimer’s?

friends-thanksgiving-video-episode-grey-sA crazy theory! And yes meltynautes, it has been thirteen years since Grey’s Anatomy is the joy of fans across the globe. Never short of ideas, Shonda Rhimes still manages to renew the intrigues and propose a fair dose humor, love and drama . Yes but now, we must admit that the adventures of our favorite doctors are sometimes terribly tragic. Between a horrible shooting a terrifying plane crash, a terrible car accident, an earthquake incredible land and enters, no one was spared and no fewer than a dozen doctors who have undergone tests toll. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Andrew DeLuca was leaving Alex Prison in season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , some fans can not imagine that such events may occur in a single place and are fervent to a theory to break the heart and if Meredith had Alzheimer along? Indeed, this disease is clearly a central theme of the show as Meredith’s mother, herself a brilliant surgeon, was reached. A situation that was difficult to manage for our heroine in the first seasons. We also remember multiple delusions Ellis Grey and his inability to remember that she was not with Richard.
If she still had a small period of lucidity, she was never really herself again. In the end, even the pilot, aired at the time on ABC , was deeply affected by Alzheimer’s as the voiceover Meredith was actually the story she told her mother. And if all this had finally repeated? And if all the voiceovers of our heroine were parts of a story that Meredith now tells his three children? Tested positive at the genetic level in the ninth season of the show flagship surgeon could well be in the reverse position. In this case, it could therefore have changed somewhat reality and have forgotten some very important details. And if Derek had not actually died in Season 11? And if he had simply left? And if Izzie had not courageously overcame cancer but had simply been returned after stealing a heart as the alternative reality? In short, everything could have been altered by the unreliable recollections of our heroine! We grant you, this theory would be very difficult to accept if it proved true and we hope Shonda Rhimes will not consider closing the show as well. One thing is certain, fans of the series have a lot of imagination. Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty if it was already late in the season torque Owelia 13 Grey’s Anatomy on melty. What do you think of this crazy theory?