Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: But where’s Amelia?

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Amelia fled in the Final Winter Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy. But where could she flee?

After the Winter Finale of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, performer Owen, Kevin McKidd, confided the couple Owelia danger, the return of Cristina or ink Megan . The surgeon lives a difficult period! While he has just married the sister of Derek, it does not seem ready to have children, traumatized by her first pregnancy. But poor Owen dreams of becoming a father in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy . And Amelia knows it! So the young woman ran away, leaving only a word to her husband. But where’s Amelia? Or she could take refuge? The editorial of melty unveils its assumptions. We think, first of all, that Amelia could have returned to Los Angeles to find Addison . His former sister-is one of the people she is closest to. Moreover, Addie knows about the baby Amelia. The first woman Derek is the ideal person to comfort Amelia and give him good advice. Also, see Kate Walsh in the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy would be pretty cool!
Amelia could also return to his sisters and his family . Many people have the reflex to take refuge with their parents. However, it would be strange because the person Amelia was closest to his family was just Derek. The neurosurgeon did not get along with his sisters who have not even attended his wedding! It also questions whether the new wife of Owen would not have gone to Switzerland to meet with Cristina in season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy . That looks more like Amelia! The latter may need to meet the BFF Meredith and ask him questions about his marriage to Owen. This would allow maybe Sandra Oh come back for an episode or two on the show. Finally, knowing Amelia, she could very well choose a city at random and go on an adventure to start over. It would not be the first time! Does it end however by returning to Owen? Before you know it, see if Jo is aware that Andrew has a crush on her in the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . And according to you, is where Amelia part in the 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy?