Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 10, when he will be released?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

ABC has released Finale Winter Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy! Discover the return date of the medical series!

grey-s-anatomy-season-13-saison-13-episode-1Last night in episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, Alex had to make a crucial choice . The BFF Meredith learned that Jo was married to a violent man. To protect the woman and prevent her from testifying, Alex was ready to accept the deal that is offered by justice, two years in prison. But Meredith refuses to give up his best friend in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy ? The surgeon tried to convince Alex to go through the trial because if Alex agrees to plead guilty, his career is over. There will be no turning back! If Alex’s life could not at all be the same in future episodes, there will also be change in the air in that of Owen . Amelia is a party and left him a word. The couple Owelia he have a future? Amelia is she really back? He will have to wait a bit to get all the answers to our questions! The editorial of melty let you discover the release date of the Winter Premiere Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy !
Next week, there will unfortunately no episode of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy , Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. The medical show will not return in 2017, more precisely on 19 January . Note this date on your calendars! Two small months to wait to meet with our favorite doctors that will not be the only ones to come back! This will be the great comeback of TGIT with Scandal and of course How to Get Away with Murder . In this second part of the season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy , things are expected to accelerate between Arizona and Eliza, Richard will fight for his position while Owen try to patch things up with his former best friend Nathan. The love triangle between him, Meredith and Maggie should also return to the heart of the show. Meanwhile on 19 January, also discover that Matt of The Vampire Diaries or Meredith Grey’s Anatomy is most unfortunate. So tell us the meltynautes, do you wait to see the episode 10 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy ?