Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 11, but where is Alex, our criticism

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Few hours after episode 11 of Gray’s Anatomy 13, see our review of “Jukebox Hero”.
Last night, ABC aired episode 11 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . Titled “Jukebox Hero” , this episode had the air of the first winter. It must be said that this is clearly an episode that we would have liked to see in place of last week’s one since it directly follows the events of the final winter. But no matter, the wait was worth it since the episode was successful. Several intrigues have been developed this week and what a pleasure! Without dwelling on the medical cases (which, admittedly, were not transcendent), three storylines managed to keep us in breath, especially since we got some answers. The first one, of course, is Alex’s fate. So, no, the series still has not given us categorically what will happen to Alex in future episodes . But the beautiful kid disappeared throughout the episode, eventually ending up at Meredith’s, in bed. It’s pretty comical, but who had not seen it come?
On the side of the Gray Sloan Memorial, it was the first day of Dr. Minnick. Richard was determined to make the pretty Eliza spend a rotten day, but it must be admitted that the latter is not easily defeated. At the same time, she said it herself: she saw some of them, Dr. Webber, she is accustomed to this animosity. Anyway, Richard is particularly head slaps on “Juke Box Hero” . Of course, his position is not easy, but a man of his experience and build should not react like a child who does not get what he wants. As much to say that when he learns that his wife is clearly behind all this, he will live it badly (# hurried). Poor Arizona finds, meanwhile, amid the raging battle .
Finally, we have the Amelia / Owen case. Although their story is particularly interesting and tinged with emotion, it’s hard to really be interested in this latest rupture . It would not hurt if the writers let them take their time and they stop taking us out of the intrigues where poor Owen slaps the poster because his wife does not want children. Especially since they got married too recently for it to be credible. Anyway, “Juke Box Hero” was a successful episode and particularly rhythmic which offers lovely outlook on later. Next week we are given an appointment for episode 12 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. What did you think of this episode?