Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 8, flashbacks haunt our surgeons, our criticism

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Last night, the US network ABC aired episode 8 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. Then discover our critique of “The Room Where it Happens.”
In the penultimate episode before the winter hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy has decided to have a kind of “bottle episode” , that is to say, it only happens in one room here an operating room. The cast is reduced to four main characters: Meredith, Owen, Richard and Stephanie. They operate on a man involved in a car accident, which is severely damaged, especially in the liver and kidneys. What is interesting with episode 8 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy is that it will enrich the stories of our characters through flashbacks unpublished . The first is Richard Webber, who starts a “game” where he seeks to humanize their patient that others treat as an “organ bag” . We then met his mother, Gail, and certainly we discover the same time why Richard has become a surgeon.
The flashback allows Owen to finally introduce his sister, the famous Megan Hunt interpreted by the talented Bridget Regan (Agent Carter) . Owen found while it is still in Iraq mission with her sister. The latter is a fragment of his imagination and seems to say aloud what haunts Owen whispered . It supports well where it hurts by saying he should feel guilty to be friendly with Nathan, or highlighting the marital problems he recently met Amelia. Unlike memories of Richard, it most helps us understand the state of mind of Owen. It is then around Stephanie to have his ghost from the past and it is this little girl she sees. His younger she is there to remind her that she has to “speak up” and be heard because she knows what’s wrong with the man who is on their operating table. Indeed, it has an autoimmune disease that makes it bleed out despite the fact that they are in the process of transfusing.
With the appearance of the little Stephanie, from where we understand his passion for medicine came: the desire to understand what happened to her. Obviously, Shonda Rhimes has kept the most painful flashback to the end, that of Meredith. The man she operates has been the victim of a car accident, you are left to imagine that Meredith will think … When she finally learns the identity of the man and the fact that two children, she sees announce to Zola Bailey and their dad, Derek, died. A painful scene that we had never seen and reminds us how this loss change Meredith. In the end, each of the flashbacks are used to help their cause and they manage to save Carl because they are finally on the same page and stop arguing . Shonda torture us one last time when Meredith Derek has a vision, and we can not hold our tears. The episode certainly does not advance the plot, but it is powerful, original and deeply moving. Now one wonders what will happen in episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , which will be the final mid-season. What did you think of this episode?