Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 9 Alex he will go to prison in the mid-season finale?

Cinema 6 November, 2016

Approaching the broadcast of episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, a question arises: Alex he will go to prison during the mid-season finale?

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-9-episodeNext Thursday, the thirteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy continues on ABC with the broadcast of episode 8. In it, many surgeons will conflict because of a high-risk operation. An episode that promises to be intense, but that may seem disappointing at one point. While the start of this season 13 began auspiciously with drama galore thanks to Alex DeLuca storyline that beat up, it’s as if this plot had been ignored. Series fans agree that there is a lack of background in recent weeks in show of Shonda Rhimes. But it may well be that after the events catching the shot and put the plot on Karev the carpet . And the question that we ask all of course the chance to see Alex go to prison in episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . The final mid-season, which will air in less than two weeks in the United States should distribute the cards. It was during this episode that justice will give its verdict on the future of Alex.

The synopsis of “You Have not Done Nothin ‘” a tease that fateful moment for the hunk announcing that “certain to go to prison the next day, Alex take a momentous decision” . The chances for this to happen, however, remain fairly thin. It is likely that scoop of general work, for example. But if that is the case, the series will take a big risk. This could be a good thing, allowing the rusty mechanics this season 13 to be oiled. Furthermore, one can easily imagine Alex being sent to prison and see DeLuca withdraw the complaint, which would solve the problem . But to get to the bottom, go in two weeks. In the meantime, discover the promotional photos of episode 8 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . Do you think justice will be the next Alex?