Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 9 tonight, Jo will tell the whole truth about his past Alex!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Tonight episode 9 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy will air on ABC. But what we can expect from the final mid-season?

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-9-episodeThis is the day the J meltynautes! Yes, tonight, ABC will broadcast the final mid-season the thirteenth installment of the medical drama Shonda Rhimes is titled “You Have not Done Nothin ‘” . An episode that is awaited by fans of the series who were disappointed of this first part of the season. I must say that after an intense season premiere aired last September, the show’s plots have somewhat stagnated. But things will change in a few hours in the chapter of the year. Indeed, episode 9 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy will put our strain surgeons: many victims disembark emergency after a building collapsed. The tension will be at its height, pushing some of our heroes to tell the truth and that, beginning with Jo …
Indeed, the young woman finally will confess everything to Alex about her difficult past. Both say they are anxious to see the reaction of handsome when he learns that Jo was married and her husband was violent towards her . Meanwhile, Richard will start to build up pressure. He will understand that work is no longer assured. It must be said that since the arrival of the consultant at Grey Sloan Memorial, the dean of the series felt the wind turn! Will he lose his job? Answer in a few hours on ABC. In the meantime, find an unpublished excerpt from episode 9 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy on melty. What do you expect this final mid-season?