Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Jackson and April, why Shonda Rhimes us she Japril torture with the couple?

Cinema 6 November, 2016

After the last episode of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, we wonder why Shonda Rhimes as torture us with Japril couple alias Jackson and April!

grey-s-anatomy-ga-season-13-saison-13-japrilBut why? This week, ABC aired episode 7 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, for which we dévoilions our criticism . Beyond the arrival of a new at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is Japril which was at the heart of the intrigue. They were married, they are parents, they live together, but Jackson and April are separated! More infuriating, they are now registered with Tinder, ready to meet new people and to turn the page of their history! But why Shonda Rhimes we does torture much? The creator of the series has a habit of offering us the tragic intrigues during the pregnancies of our heroines. It is never easy and after many misfortunes, happiness usually rears its nose (Addison, Meredith, Amelia and April have made fresh). But when it comes to love, the stories also are never easy!

Indeed, Meredith and Derek have gone through many hardships, like Callie and Arizona, Alex and Jo, Cristina and Owen … and now Jackson and April. Happiness is never simple and trials are numerous and almost redundant. The screenplay interest to subject our couples so many trials is undeniable and this is what gives all its interest in the series. That would be Grey’s without its good dose of drama. Shonda Rhimes is somehow a real ingenious sadist who enjoys torturing the fans , then reward them with a story that enchants us more, and that’s what makes us so hooked to Grey’s Anatomy for 13 seasons. We do not want the end of Japril and although we have every reason to think that the couple is indeed dead, something tells us that Jackson could decide to fight to regain April. We do not know what fate holds in Japril, and that’s what gives weight to the intrigue that keeps us spellbound. Earlier, we reported that the actors tease the mid-season 13 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, including possible verdict for Alex and revealed several secrets. Would you like the couple is reuniting?