Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Owelia already the end of the couple?

Cinema 22 November, 2016

Cut back to one of the final scenes of the episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy could well announce the following problems Owelia, attention, spoilers!

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-4-13x04Times are hard for Owen and Amelia in early season 13 Grey’s Anatomy … If, when we regained the series, the two lovebirds seemed totally on the same wavelength and in love, it does not last long and it was enough of a word with four letters for everything upside: baby . We surely all were a little surprised when Owen and Amelia suddenly decided it was time to have children when they had just got married. Nevertheless, the decision to marry was fast too and despite last-minute hesitations for Amelia, everything went well. These are two people who do not want to waste time, but are at the same time terrified because of things that happened in their past. If Owen seems to have finally put all that aside, this is not the case of Amelia who has demons that still haunt her. At the end of episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , Amelia leaves a note in Owen suggesting that she needs time to think and wonder what it really means for the couple. East -this the beginning of the end for Owelia?
First, we must admit that the Owelia scene at the end of the final mid-season is so short that it is very difficult to see what emerges. Moreover, the fact that it is directly embedded amid other scenes and the message that Meredith was left to Alex on the phone makes it very confusing thing. This reinforces the impression of unfinished business that we felt at the end of this episode. To summarize, we see Amelia leave a note in Owen and do not really see the reaction when it is found. The words of Amelia in voice-over are not very clear either, we just know that she does not want him to feel responsible for what happens. Does it come to break with him or is it just a temporary farewell letter? One thing is sure, Amelia needs time to reflect and the ball is now in his camp if she really wants to build something with Owen – with or without children .
According to Kevin McKidd and statements that have been reported by the US site Variety, their future is really compromised, partly because it is not certain that Owen can still experience the same thing that he lived with Cristina . It is unclear what will make Amelia. Will we see in future episodes? We hope she can finally count on the support of Meredith would be really well placed to help in such a crisis. Given the behavior with her sisters in this season, we doubt it, but I must admit that this plot would be a good way to do finally get close. One thing is sure, Amelia will have to settle its past if it is to hope to be happy in her future, whether or not with Owen. Again, this is an area that Meredith control – if-you-please Shonda Rhimes hears our words – and she could advise her sister about it. Please be aware that you can find other denominations Kevin McKidd on Owelia, Cristina and 13 the season of Grey’s Anatomy , melty on. What do you think?