Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Owen sister definitely alive?

Cinema 12 November, 2016

By recruiting Bridget Regan to embody the sister of Owen Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy has she suggested that Megan Hunt might be alive?
If the beginning of the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy has instead focused on Owen relationship problems, in The Room Where It Happens flashbacks coming haunt our surgeons and the appearance of a ghost has changed somewhat narration the character. While performing surgery, the former military has remembered a scene with her missing sister, Megan . Until then, nothing amazing though. Except for the choice of the actress, too well known not to be exploited later in the series. Series fans will of course recognized Bridget Regan , alias Rose or Sin Rostro in Jane The Virgin . Previously, the young woman had appeared in The Last Ship and Marvel series, Agent Carter . In just a few scenes, the actress managed to hypnotize us with his striking resemblance to Kevin McKidd and it is unclear how we could not see her.
A new index that underpins a theory that runs on the canvas since the arrival of Nathan in season 12. The body of Megan supposedly died in a helicopter crash, has never been found leaving the door open to all possible hypotheses. However, if the character was alive and well, Shonda Rhimes – just write an email related to its actors – must demonstrate a strong imagination to justify this absence. And if memory loss is the best option, we are surprised to hope for more originality. Despite its age, Grey’s Anatomy has kept the screenplay requirement that has made it one of the most watched series of the big US networks. Also, we hate having to deal with a preposterous story about the disappearance of Megan Hunt . And you, do you think Owen’s sister is alive?