Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Two main characters about to leave the series?

Cinema 25 November, 2016

The 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy is well underway and we have a feeling that will not leave us. Moreover, rumors are circulating. Two major players in the series would be on the start.

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-10-meredithShould we prepare handkerchiefs? Should we get ready to say goodbye to Alex and Richard? For now, nothing is certain but it is not going to lie, this early season of Grey’s Anatomy 13 tip in that direction. Their intrigues increasingly isolate the characters and we feel that by the end of the season, it may be their farewell as we have done in past years with the departure of Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey who played Derek and Cristina respectively. In addition to this feeling that will not leave us, even if Richard will fight to keep his job, there are also rumors more persistent that support these assumptions. The departure of Justin Chambers in the series is the one that is more tenacious. Admittedly possible transition time in prison away could more or less permanently from Sloane Grey Memorial Hospital. Well the final winter, episode 9 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, which is critical to read melty , has not resolved the issue and you always wonder if Karev will end in prison or not.
These two possible departures from the medical drama Shonda Rhimes are hypothetical but not completely aberrant either. Both actors are present since the beginning of the show and one can understand that after 13 years they will want to go elsewhere or do something else. Besides, James Pickens ., Actor’s long career in film and television, is attached to a draft of a new series coming. Does this would point to a start? Not so sure. The player could shoot some episodes during the Grey’s Anatomy breaks. In short, there is something fishy whale or under gravel, whatever you prefer. We can not help nonetheless to question Richard Webber he will be fired or replaced? Find there another position? Will he his retraire? Justin Chambers, there’s nothing that says he left the series. Still, all fans fear a starting character of Grey’s Anatomy as much as they think Meredith and Alex are going to end up together .
The rumor swells and nobody says anything. Neither Shonda Rhimes nor Justin Chambers . The anguish we squeezed but this time it’s good. Why ? Because we are not spoilés on the outcome of the plot of Alex. He will go to prison or not? Will he have to stop his surgeon or not career? We do not know and it’s exciting. Karev that walks away or else, it is good to have surprises and we appreciate what the screenwriters. They play with the fate of the character and it works rather well so far even if not everything is exciting in this judicial intrigue which may nevertheless impact the career of Alex. Now it remains for us to wait patiently for the return of the January series whether the writers will continue to play with the departures of the two main characters of Grey’s Anatomy. Do you think both players will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy by the end of the season?