Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: What can we expect from upcoming episodes?

Cinema 27 November, 2016

The 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy will not return any time soon on American screens, but we have a lot of waiting for the next episode!

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-pause-break-dateWhile we’re waiting for the rest of the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , it is time to ask what will book us the second part, which will be aired from January 19, 2017 . Of course, the first thing is expected of these episodes and know that it will be Alex’s decision regarding the lawsuit. According to the last minutes of the final mid-season, it seems that finally it does not decide to accept the prosecutor’s deal. If this is the case, what will be the verdict of the trial? Andrew he will decide not to complain in particular to protect Jo for which he begins to have feelings? This could be a possibility. We hope in any case that this story will be resolved quickly because it really is not the most exciting intrigues of the series.
The fate of Alex is not the only small cliffhanger that we offered the mid-season finale of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy , since it has also left us in doubt about the Owelia couple. Owen and Amelia met many obstacles in the past episodes, partly because Amelia realized she was not ready to have children, and she did not know if she would be someday. The last scene suggests that Amelia is now leaving Owen, although this remains very vague. In the next few episodes, then we should see how Owen will take the new and especially what it will do. Will he fight to save his marriage? Or, conversely, consider it a waste? Amelia could she change her mind? Owen can he live with the idea that he will never have children? These are the questions we hope to have answers in the second part of season 13.
The storyline intrigues us most is that for the next round of changes within the hospital including the teaching of surgery. The arrival of Eliza Minnick has messed everyone – sometimes for different reasons – and the owners seem willing to fight to protect Richard Weber whose position is threatened. It looks like a war within the hospital has just started and we wonder how this will affect the relations of each other. Moreover, the arrival of Eliza Minnick should also shake up the life of a some Arizona Robbins . As we have seen, the two women are not immune to the charm of the other and can not wait to learn more about Eliza. In addition, we look forward to seeing some Arizona on the front of the stage, because his character we have quite missed this season.
Finally, imagine the love triangle between Meredith, Nathan and Maggie is not a complete story and it will return in the coming episodes. It is true that it has been totally aside – for some reason – and this does not seem to be resolved. Maggie she will eventually find out the truth? Meredith she will finally be tempted by a romance with Nathan? Obviously, we imagine that Shonda Rhimes and the writers we hold many surprises for the rest of the season . We know already that there should be more episodes like episode 8. In the meantime, know that you can always find our review of episode 9 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy on melty. Qu’attendez- you of upcoming episodes?