Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: What happened to Maggie love triangle, Nathan and Meredith?

Cinema 5 December, 2016

As the season of Grey’s Anatomy 13 does not return before next January, we are entitled to wonder what happened to the plot Maggie / Nathan / Meredith …

grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-episode-10-episodeIt’s Thursday, January 19 next Grey’s Anatomy that will make a comeback on the American channel ABC and viewers’ expectations have never been higher. It must be said that the first part of this season has been disappointing with 13 botched intrigues and sometimes forgotten One of them concerns also the heroine of the series: Meredith. We remember that at the end of season 12, after sleeping with Riggs, Meredith realized that Maggie crush on him. A love triangle thus drew and, although at first glance, the idea does not deceived us, it is clear that it was rather well executed in this season 13 . The problem is that from episode 5, the show has completely left it on all sides.
We recently spoke to you in a dedicated section: there 3 intrigues the 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy absolutely must bring up to date to raise the level of future episodes . Obviously, it was unlikely not to mention the love triangle . While most viewers were not fans of the romance between Meredith and Nathan, patience got the better of us and today we are completely convinced. The danger of every discussion, every flirtation or every glance exchanged between the two surgeons was particularly exciting and, for a single reason.
If Maggie discovers that his sister sleeps with his crush, a huge drama is expected. And frankly, this season needs . It clearly lacks issues and if one does not want Maggie Meredith and tear, it has to move. In any case, there is a huge lack of respect for the fans of the series to have set aside a plot of this size since many of them were very involved emotionally. It is hoped that the writers will rectify as soon episode 10 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy ! This plot she missed you think?