Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time: Who’s going to qualify for the semifinal? (J-1)

Cinema 11 July, 2017

There is only one day left to vote for your favorite series to go into the semifinals! But which of Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead or Once Upon A Time will qualify?

The semifinals are coming soon! Tomorrow we will know which series have qualified for the fourth week of the 2017 World Cup. In order for your favorite show to have a chance of winning their ticket to the semifinals, they will have to vote Fully mobilize. Yes, as you know, some results are held in a pocket handkerchief. It was revealed that this week’s tightest match between Gray’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf. Doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital are looking forward to the final this year as the Beacon Hills werewolves are very motivated for their very last participation in this competition. If Pretty Little Liars failed to bring down Meredith Gray, Scott McCall could create surprise by winning against the talented surgeon.

As for The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries, it was Rick Grimes who got ahead of the Salvatore! If you are fans of Damon, Stefan and their friends, do not relax! We must continue to vote for them because only a few voices could tip the balance in their favor. When at Vikings, the series is at the lowest against Once Upon A Time and needs more than ever your support to perhaps create the feat. Do not forget that until the last second, everything is possible in the Series World Cup! Finally, the duel between Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why is also very tight! Whether Archie Andrews or Hannah Baker, high school students do not let go. Again, you have the power to help them get into the semifinals. You only have 24 hours to send your favorite shows to the next stage of the tournament so do not lose a single second to vote!