Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf: The matches we would have liked to see in the final!

Cinema 21 July, 2017

While we know the names of the finalists of the 2017 World Cup, we would also see other matches face off in the final!

The results fell Monday morning! They are The Vampire Diaries and 13 Reasons Why who pass in the final of the World Cup of the 2017 series. Both shows have fought particularly well and deserve ample their place of finalists. We’ll know as early as next week which of the Salvatore or Hannah Baker will win the competition. If this duel looks particularly interesting, tight and rich in surprises, other matches would have been equally captivating. Indeed, we would have liked to see some series compete in this last round. From The Walking Dead to Gray’s Anatomy to Teen Wolf, the editor goes back over the duels that we would have liked to see fighting in the final.
Gray’s Anatomy VS The Walking Dead

Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead were announced as the big favorites of the 2017 World Cup. The Vampire Diaries eventually eliminated Meredith Gray and Rick Grimes. However, despite some disappointing seasons, Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead remain two successful and quality series that do not fail to seduce us. This clash of the titans would have been exciting!
Teen Wolf VS Pretty Little Liars

The teen shows have been busy this year in the Series World Cup! Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars have not been unworthy, they have notably worried Gray’s Anatomy who has always qualified to a thread. These two shows competed for the last time in the competition so their fans were more determined than ever to take them to victory. A match between the werewolves and the liars would have been very intense and probably unpredictable. Pity !
Arrow VS The Flash

What we love most about Arrow and The Flash are the crossovers between the two series to see our favorite heroes side by side. If we love the alchemy between the Green Arrow and the fastest man in the world, we would also see them face to face. That would not have been usual! The match would have been under high tension. If it is true that the fans of the series DC Comics would have had difficult to decide between them, this duel promised many surprises.