Grey’s Anatomy vs. Teen Wolf: Can surgeons beat the werewolves?

Cinema 3 July, 2017

Grey’s Anatomy finds Teen Wolf in the 2017 World Cup quarter-finals! But which of Meredith Gray or Scott McCall will join the semi-finals?

On Monday, it is already the quarterfinals of the 2017 World Cup and the tension is still rising one notch! It is now formidable competitors who compete in this new round. The first match will challenge one of the competition giants, Gray’s Anatomy, to one of the best teen shows, Teen Wolf. The doctors at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital and the Beacon Hills werewolves have been formidable so far and are increasingly motivated at every step. Now in the quarterfinals, they plan to fight to the end to join the semi-finals and maybe even the final to win the title of “Best Series of the Year”. Last week, Gray’s Anatomy was facing Pretty Little Liars. It was the tightest duel in the knockout round! The liars trailed until the last moment Meredith and her colleagues. However, Gray’s Anatomy is resourceful and has been able to win against the Pretty Little Liars. Will Teen Wolf suffer the same fate as the liars or the werewolves can bring down the surgeons of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital?

At this stage of the competition, the matches are even more intense and tight. Gray’s Anatomy won first in her group stage and then managed to put K.O’s lips on Pretty Little Liars who were highly motivated for their ultimate participation in the World Series Cup. Meanwhile, Teen Wolf has been playing since the start of the tournament. In the eighth final, the werewolves passed hands down to Arrow who had offered us an explosive and exciting season. Doctors in the ABC series have dropped the Freeform teen show but it could be quite different from Scott McCall and his pack. A match is expected in which the competitors will be elbow-to-elbow. If Teen Wolf could have an advantage with her supernatural side, Meredith Gray relies on science and is a completely badass surgeon capable of operating a brain with a straw on board an airplane and in the midst of turbulence! Difficult to do better! The show of MTV becomes better of seasons in season but that of ABC knows to renew itself and has ceased to captivate the fans for more than 13 years. The two series have many qualities but they will still have to decide between them. It’s your voice that will help either Meredith or Scott go into the quarter-finals. Do not wait any longer, vote!