Grey’s Anatomy vs. Teen Wolf: The tightest duel of the quarterfinals, who will win?

Cinema 5 July, 2017

Teen Wolf talks Gray’s Anatomy in the match! Can Werewolves Overtake Surgeons in the 2017 World Cup?

This 2017 World Cup is rather complicated for Gray’s Anatomy! The ABC medical series is one of the great regulars of the competition and is also one of the favorites. But if the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors seemed to be a step ahead in this tournament, it’s getting harder and harder to get through. In the group stages, Meredith Gray was nearly duplicated by Orange Is The New Black, while in the round of 16, the Rosewood liars put the medical show in great danger. If Gray’s Anatomy is now the winner of all stages, this time it is Teen Wolf that makes her doubt. Beacon Hills’ werewolves are reinflated to this World Series Cup which marks their last appearance. Considered an outsider, Scott McCall stands up to the doctors of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. All the Wolfies are behind the real alpha and its pack! Can Teen Wolf then eliminate Gray’s Anatomy from the competition?

According to preliminary estimates, Gray’s Anatomy is still leading after collecting 50.7% of the votes. But that means that only 1.4% separates ABC’s doctors from Scott and his pack. It’s a bit more than facing Pretty Little Liars last week but the Wolfies are more motivated than ever. If the liars offered us a last season in halftone, the first part of season 6 of Teen Wolf was particularly successful and the second promises to be exceptional. The teen shows are much better performing this year and the MTV series is probably the best in this category. Gray’s Anatomy, who had been in the game for the first time in a row, Season 13 of the medical series did not convince all the fans and it could be fatal. If Meredith has managed to survive despite the difficulties, she is not immune to losing to Scott. Teen Wolf is quite capable of accomplishing the feat of eliminating one of the favorites of the competition but do not forget that it is your votes that will determine who will be the shows to join the semi-finals! So, mobilize yourself!