Grey’s Anatomy VS The Vampire Diaries, did Meredith really have a chance against the Salvatore?

Cinema 19 July, 2017

The Grey’s Anatomy medical show was stopped just before the final by The Vampire Diaries. But did Meredith Gray really stand a chance against the Salvatore?

This 2017 World Cup has been full of surprises for us throughout the competition. From The Walking Dead to Gray’s Anatomy to The Flash, the editor came back on the eliminations and qualifications that surprised us. On Monday, the names of the finalists were announced. 13 Reasons Why managed to bring down Once Upon A Time who had already won twice the competition. As for Gray’s Anatomy, the medical series lost to the teen show, The Vampire Diaries. At the start, both sets were favorites of their respective group, so we were expecting a very tight duel and that’s exactly what happened. The Shonda Rhimes show is often cited as one of the giants of the Series World Cup. However, Meredith Gray was doubled by the Salvatore. But is this really a surprise? Gray’s Anatomy really had a chance against The Vampire Diaries?

After the announcement of the results, we were wondering about the eliminations of Gray’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time. Why did these shows lose? It was revealed to you that the medical series had not proposed the best of its seasons. Some fans have been disappointed by the last episodes because some intrigues have been botched. Others start to tire and accuse the series of proposing storylines that feel warmed up. For its part, The Vampire Diaries proposed an eighth and final season rather successful despite bad guys not really convincing. Besides the return of Nina Dobrev, the interpreter of Elena, delighted the fans. In addition, the Salvatore compete for the very last time. It should not be forgotten that The Vampire Diaries is a successful show and that it has many fans who do not hesitate to vote en masse so that the series can win the tournament. Gray’s Anatomy had every chance of reaching the final but it is not surprising that the show was the victim of its season in partial shade especially against a series as appreciated and formidable as The Vampire Diaries.