Grey’s Anatomy, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the medical series?

Cinema 13 July, 2017

Grey’s Anatomy is in the semi-finals of the Series World Cup! Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the Shonda Rhimes medical show.

These are the Gray’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, 13 Reasons Why and Once Upon A Time series that qualified for the semifinals. On the one hand, ABC’s medical show confronts the CW’s vampire drama, while on the other it’s the Netflix event series that rivals the fantastic show led by Jennifer Morrison. These two duels are particularly intense and the results are held in a pocket handkerchief just a few days from the announcement of the finalists. The match between Gray’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries is particularly tight. The Salvatore do not let go of the doctors of Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Can the people of Mystic Falls bring down Meredith Gray? Can the surgeon go to the final? The melac editor presents the strengths and weaknesses of Gray’s Anatomy.
Its strengths

If our choice was not on The Vampire Diaries but on Gray’s Anatomy but also the fact the show is a real giant and one of the favorites of this competition is not a coincidence. The Shonda Rhimes medical show has many strong points. In 13 seasons, the series has innovated and renewed itself to remain captivating. The evolution of the doctors as the episodes are amazing is because the series exploits particularly its characters, their stories and their relationships. The cast of the show is very talented and interprets our favorite surgeons with great accuracy. In addition, the series focuses not only on its main characters but also on patients who are far from smooth. They too have many depths and become very endearing even when they appear only for an episode. Finally, the series has many fans and it is not negligible for the Series World Cup. It affects a much wider audience than its competitors and this could play to its advantage.
Its weaknesses

As much as you say right away, Gray’s Anatomy does not have many weak spots. However, as she gets ready to begin her 14th season, some think the series has lasted enough and has become tiresome. Some fans were disappointed by the many departures including those of key figures such as Cristina, Derek or even Callie although Shonda Rhimes knew rebound with brilliance. There are actually very few actors from the original cast but the new characters have managed to make themselves appreciated by the majority of the fans. If the completely crazy twists are one of the forces of Gray’s Anatomy, some find them too frequent and above all unrealistic. Meredith certainly should never go on a plane again! Finally, season 13 was in a halt and it could be fatal to the series during the competition.