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Entertainment 26 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

The film Rock ‘ n ‘ roll will be released this Friday, January 26, on Canal+. Guillaume Canet has spoken on his collaboration with Johnny Hallyday, and on the meeting. The actor is shown to be particularly moved by it.

“He immediately agreed. The idea was that it is funny and moving. And it is great in this scene, so touching. His character − him, without being him − made an observation a little sad on our time, more rock. A time standard where the subversive has no place. “Interviewed by Tv 7 days, on the occasion of the release of his film Rock and roll on Canal+, Guillaume Canet, delivered some confidences. Away from the controversy recently that it has triggered on the Internet, the actor-filmmaker is back on his collaboration with Johnny Hallyday, before telling of his meeting with the rocker.

“He called me after having seen and liked my first feature film, My idol,” explains Guillaume Canet. He had invited me to dinner at his house, and we’ve talked a lot about cinema. It was a passionate, he watched movies all day. We ended up seeing one at 2 o’clock in the morning ! He was an artist of amazing and extraordinary man. But, it is simplistic to speak of him this way, in the interview… The words are very small to express all that I feel. “Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard were present at the national tribute in December 2017, to honor the memory of Johnny Hallyday. The actress has even taken the word in the church of the Madeleine.

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