Gulnara Karimova: The heiress and friend to the stars, she was poisoned?

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

Dead or alive? Doubt persists …
gulnara-karimova-au-gala-de-la-fondationGulnara Karimova, the daughter of the late President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov she died poisoned in a psychiatric hospital? This is the incredible story that stirred his country well it seems to have been fabricated. But for now, the wealthy heiress of 44 years has not been heard from …
This is an information site , based on a statement from one source of services of national security, which announced the death of the former socialite . The pretty blonde had fallen in disgrace three years ago after openly criticizing his father, regarded by many as a dictator, on his methods. Nobody was able to tell him what had happened and speculation argue that she was under house arrest (the most recurrent view), incarcerated in jail or in a psychiatric hospital … The source s’ is entrusted to the site therefore maintains the version of poisoning, which allegedly occurred on November 5 and said: ” She was buried at the cemetery in Tashkent and Minor surface was smoothed his grave. ” Gulnara Karimova, friend Gérard Depardieu , is a mother of two.
Died in September, Karimov has been temporarily replaced by Shavkat Mirziyoyev; an election campaign is underway in Uzbekistan and voters to the polls on 4 December. The rumor of the death of Gulnara Karimova could cover the current president, intruding into his campaign while yet party favorite. Moreover, according , he said he had no information on the subject … The children of the heiress, a woman while the more fortunate of the Soviet Union through the shenanigans that have it to Moreover earned not be able to travel outside its borders, they do not have either responded and were not found.
On social networks, many users ask the authorities for information or pictures of the one that should have taken the reins of power if it had not criticized her father. A Twitter account seemed to belong to him but, very quickly, it turned out it was a fake … A source close to the former president, however, denied the death of Gulnara Karimova but without giving details the place where it is neither about his condition.