Guy Bedos finally agrees to join the campaign team of Arnaud Montebourg

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Update, January 2, 2017 at 5:30 pm: Guy Bedos finally accepts to join the campaign of Arnaud Montebourg. The former minister of economy had placed the humorist without his agreement at the head of his committee of support, Monday morning.
The latter had therefore initially declined the offer … before changing his mind. In spite of this confusion, the candidate for the primary of the left hopes to rely on the notoriety of Guy Bedos to attract socialist votes: an unprecedented strategy, very different from that of its rivals.
Accustomed to the theater scene, he initially refused to enter the political scene … Before turning around. After a scramble sacred, the actor and comedian Guy Bedos finally agrees to incorporate Arnaud Montebourg campaign team, presented this Monday, January 2 to the press. The former Minister of Productive Recovery, a candidate for the Left primary, had placed him at the head of his support committee, but he did not ask for his agreement.
“I do not want to be chair of the support committee. I do not want to post, I am an artist ” , had immediately rectified the comedian, as Le Figaro. “I will support him, but I want to remain independent. I will vote for him, but I do not want to have an official role in the campaign. ”
But not to interfere Arnaud Montebourg, it says ” love much ” , Guy Bedos finally agreed to chair his support committee.
Before this surprise appointment, Guy Bedos had shown his support to Arnaud Montebourg. In 2012, he supported François Hollande . In December 2016, he called on to “casting error” on France Info, and announced its intention to vote for the former Minister of Productive Recovery.
Arnaud Montebourg expected to rely on the notoriety of Guy Bedos to federate the socialist voters around his candidacy. Often a tactical implementation of policies, which benefit the celebrity endorsements to boost their campaign.
Nevertheless, going as far as integrating a star with his campaign team, as wanted to do Arnaud Montebourg, is more rare. In the race for the primary from the left, its competitors have adopted a very different strategy. At the head of his support group, Vincent Peillon has appointed an experienced politician: Bruno Julliard is first deputy at the Paris City Hall, responsible for culture and heritage.
Manuel Valls has played the youth card. Its support committee is co-chaired by Cindy Leoni, former president of SOS Racisme, and Alexandre Leroy, former president of the student union La Fage. Two persons under 35 years, unknown to the general public but that “rejuvenate” the campaign team of the former Prime Minister.