Gypsy, the Netflix series by Sam Taylor-Johnson (50 Shades of Gray) is it worth it? Our verdict!

Cinema 3 July, 2017

A few days ago Netflix made available to its subscribers the series Gypsy, realized by Sam Taylor-Johnson with Naomi Watts. Verdict!

The flood of new series of summer continues and while we were told recently that the excellent Dear White People had been renewed for a second season, it is now of the last one, Gypsy, of which we go Speak to you. But before you plunge into the heart of the subject, a small reminder for those who have not yet heard of it. Gypsy is a series created by Lisa Rubin for Netflix, and it includes 10 episodes of one hour each. For the first two episodes, Sam Taylor-Johnson, who is responsible for the sulphurous 50 Shades of Gray, Scott Winant, Victoria Mahoney, Coky Giedroyc, Alik Sakharov.

On the casting side it is Naomi Watts who takes the role of Jean Holloway and we can only applaud him for his performance. A psychologist who has an unfortunate tendency to become involved in the lives of his patients’ relatives, Jean lives with his alter-ego Diane a life as mysterious as fascinating. Throughout the 10 episodes, she is seen forming relationships with her patient’s daughter, Rebecca, or with Sidney, Sam’s ex-girlfriend, one of her patients who is having trouble recovering from break. Pushed by the desire to have the other version of the story or by unhealthy curiosity to know more about the life of his patients, Jean methodically plunges into his character Diane to achieve it, at the risk of letting himself carry.

With careful plans and a narrative that moves slowly but surely towards loss of control, Gypsy emphasizes the difficulty of identifying his desires and controlling his desire. To follow a professional of the human mind and to see it lose its foot in turn reminds us that we all have the same vulnerabilities and that behind every smile often hide many secrets. When John becomes Diane and leaves Michael to Sidney’s favor, perhaps, to feel himself without shame and without fear of judgments, it is up to us to become psychologists and to observe this particular patient. In short, Gypsy is a series that turns the brain – but in a good way – with characters a little twisted but especially endearing and who asks the right questions: after all, who are we?