Hair removal : save your pubic hair for your health

Health 19 August, 2017


Published the 19.08.2017 to 09h54


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Haro on the hair ! The summer is undoubtedly the season when the hunting of the hair reaches its climax, the jersey requires. And in terms of pubic hair, a recent survey revealed that a French five-opts now for the waxing full. Yet, the science is clear : leave his hair in peace is probably the best thing to stay in good health. A new study, published in the medical journal JAMA Dermatology sinking the nail.

The eradication of body hair, pubic, among others, is becoming undeniable for the past few decades. Razors, wax, intense pulsed light have contributed to the democratisation of the jersey net, or even the total elimination of hair in the intimate zone. As recently reminded Audrey Vaugrente in our columns, it will have at least had the advantage of making lice an endangered species ! But in terms of public health not sure that the trend is beneficial.


The men also

The team of Thomas Gaither, of the university of California at San Francisco, has studied the habits of hair removal 7570 Americans, men and women. Conclusions : one-quarter reported injuries related to shaving or hair removal. In the first cuts, and then burning, and finally the rash. Without a doubt, the intimate zone is the most at risk. And in men as in women ! The researchers are very precise in their analysis and show that injuries occur more often on the scrotum and penis for men, and on the pubis and the inner thighs for women.

Obviously those who épilent regularly are more at risk of injuries, but obviously the followers of the wax are faring better than those who shave. A result that does not, however, concern that women and men followers of the wax were perhaps not numerous enough for the statistics to be meaningful…


Royal road to the IST

The injuries, however, are not the only possible complications. Last year already Thomas Gaither and his colleagues had published another study on the subject. On the more than 3,000 American respondents, 6 out of ten reported epilate in full. If more than half conceded that this practice was in keeping with their sexuality, 60 % were also in before a ” question of hygiene “. Error !

In effect, the pubic hair will form a natural protection against germs and their extermination paves the way for the microbes. The risk of infections, especially STIS, is increased in women who opt for the full version, confirmed a study – always led by Thomas Gaither !- published by the end of 2017. Tearing the bulb by the wax, and the popping sounds that occur during a waxing or shaving to allow the pathogens to penetrate more easily into the body. Stripped of its protective pile the pubic bone thus becomes a paradise for bacteria and viruses, which particularly appreciate the warm and moist environment. For your safety and your health, may-be so is it time to let your hair in peace !