Hallelujah : the reboot of the cult series Alf could finally don’t get

Cinema 13 November, 2018






There are series that carton, and to which we do not really understand the success, even when one looks at children. And when we think of this kind of programs immediately, it is Alf, which imposes itself on our spirit.

Aired between 1986 and 1990, the series Alf has known a huge success that masked very well the hell that was his design. Indeed, when one looks behind-the-scenes, you will soon understand that the logistics heavy and the battles of ego between the actors and the puppets, for the most time of the on-screen presence, have weighed heavy on the fate of the show.

A series that has never known true end as the final episode of this program for the entire family showed us when even Alf get caught by the us army for torture. We saw a more family-like conclusion. Of course, the character returned later in several tv movies, but it has never really entered into his painful separation with his host family.


Do not necessarily believe the happiness that seems to emanate from this photo


A few months ago, in the middle of summer, we learned that the series Alf borrowed, like so many others before it, the path of the reboot. Warner was on the shot and was looking for active writers to write the new adventures of visitor from Melmac crash-landed on Earth, away from his family, but finds happiness in a family typical of the United States WASP, trying to eat their cat (THE running-gag exhausting of the series for that matter).

As we no longer heard from, we said that the studio was working on a full pipe on the project and that it would soon be entitled to a press release announcing the start of construction on the pilot. There was a time where Sabrina, the teenage witch, Charmed, The 4400, Buffy the vampire slayer or Roswell have the right to of seconds lives, it was, unfortunately, logical.

It is, in fact, just the opposite happens, since the site TV Line has just announced that the project could be abandoned, neither more nor less.


The only gag of the series


“The cats of the world can express a sigh of relief : we’ve heard that the draft of the reboot of Alf was not going to go any further for the time being, because the studio has not found a suitor sufficiently attracted. All in all, nobody seems interested to give a second life to this franchise worship.”

And for once, we can applaud Warner’s this flash of lucidity. There are a number of things that do not deserve to be dug up and Alf in is obviously one.


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