Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: A member of the One Direction was to take the title role

Cinema 13 April, 2017

Before being held by Alden Ehrenreich, the title role of Han Solo could have returned to a famous member of the One Direction who just begins his acting career …
The singers who turn to comedy are not uncommon: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Joey Starr … In the case of the future spin-off Han Solo , one of them could have taken the role Title to Alden Ehrenreich . This star is not anybody since she will soon make her first steps in the cinema under the direction of Christopher Nolan in Dunkirk, whose trailer was unveiled with Tom Hardy as a soldier of World War II and is a member of ” A famous group: the One Direction. It’s nothing more or less than Harry Styles . It is Metro UK that is the source of this revelation and explained “Harry was the ‘ One of the first names in the struggle to find the main actor. Even though he had virtually no acting experience, they saw him as a great potential . ”
Nothing surprising when we know that even Christopher Nolan saw in him the soul of an actor. No doubt that despite this failure, Harry Styles should continue his carefree actor career. But that’s not all since the source of Metro UK also announces that Disney would be interested in the idea of ​​having the One Direction on another project . Maybe a Star Wars see the live-action adaptation of one of the studio’s cult cartoons? Only the future will tell us! Meanwhile, fans of the intergalactic saga who are waiting for this spin-off can look forward to a 6-year intrigue for Han Solo, A Star Wars Story . The release of the latter is scheduled for May 25, 2018.