Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: Ron Howard will finally make the film

Cinema 22 June, 2017

At the heart of the rumors, Ron Howard will be in charge of completing the spin-off on Han Solo
It went extremely fast! Just a few days after learning that the directors of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story were fired , it would seem that Ron Howard is already there to take over the project in hand. It must be said that the departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller has made a lot of talk, and that apparently their way of working did not suit at all to Lawrence Kasdan , an important architect of the saga, who led to the departure of the duo. As soon as the news fell, rumors about Ron Howard’s arrival behind the camera appeared, but things now seem to be confirmed according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Knowing that the film was already well advanced and it is estimated that the shooting was finished at ¾ . Difficult to know at this stage what the arrival of Ron Howard implies but it seems inconceivable that the director of A Man of Exception or Apollo 13 does not want to impose his style on the film . In any case, it may be more posed than the Lord / Miller duo and in tune with the wishes of Kasdan and represents a good compromise for Lucasfilm . A lot of people had been worried about Rogue One’s reshoots and the movie went very well. There’s no reason why Han Solo should not be doing well, despite this tormented production.