Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: The first images of the shoot unveiled!

Cinema 19 May, 2017

They are there, they are beautiful, they are fresh! These are the first real images of the shooting of the movie Han Solo: A Star Wars Story!
If Star Wars: The Last Jedi is very, very, VERY, waits, it also goes the same for the second spin-off of the saga, namely the one on the youth of Han Solo. Except that, well, for now, level details about the plot, we do not have much to put in the teeth. Moreover, the fan thanks us warmly Woody Harrelson for having a little teased the character that he embodies in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story . But it is not because we have no information or clues about the history of the film that we do not have enough to satisfy our curiosity as a fan! Because you are not without knowing, the meltynauts, that the film is right now in full shooting. And that there are always necessarily always photographers – amateurs or not – to try to realize some shots showing us behind the scenes of the film . This is what we propose to do today: to know HERE the first photos of the shooting of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story !
So of course, one should not expect to get much out of these images, which were unveiled exclusively by the TMZ site. However, we meet Alden Ehrenreich, who lends his features to young Han Solo . And we see that it sports a rather undisciplined hair! But what intrigues us most, these are of course all these futuristic vehicles and with the aspect nevertheless very worn that have invaded the plateau. One finds in particular a kind of car which makes us vaguely think of the DeLorean of Return towards the future , as well as a variety of means of transport with a rather particular design. So it is impossible to determine what kind of scenes the production of the film is currently shooting. It will be noticed, however, that Han does not seem to be surrounded by his faithful companions, Namely Chewie and Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), nor can one be sure to distinguish here the three characters of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story that have been unveiled recently. But, these images have an advantage: they allow us to plunge, even briefly into our favorite franchise! What do you think of these pictures?