Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: What does Harrison Ford think of spin-off?

Cinema 15 April, 2017

Harrison Ford took advantage of the Star Wars Celebration to give his impressions on the future spin-off devoted to Han Solo. And apparently, it makes it “weird”.
Impossible for the young (or less young) padawans of our own galaxy to miss the event this month: the Star Wars Celebration. The convention has FINALLY given us the opportunity to discover the official trailer of the eighth Star Wars, The Last Jedi . But not only. The opportunity was also too good not to hear the interpreters of the saga tell us their feelings about the evolution of the Star Wars universe . This is the case of Harrison Ford, who appeared on stage to the general surprise of the fans. The actor took the opportunity to answer a few questions. Inevitably, one of them focused on the upcoming spin-off of his own character, Han Solo . So, How does the actor feel about discovering a new version of the role, which this time will be played by Alden Ehrenreich? Is he just looking forward to watching the film, just as a spectator?
“No, I will look at him as a … like a … no … of course I will look at him like a fan, but it will be weird, it will be a little weird, but I met the one who Is going to play the young Han Solo, he’s a really exceptional guy, adorable, and a very good actor. “I am delighted with this choice,” Harrison Ford told the Q & A session. It is not known if these compliments have reached the ears of Alden Ehrenreich , but they would in any case make the young actor blush! To be told by the great Harrison Ford that weighs in the game , it is still downright stylish. Personal page of melty, We vote YES without hesitating to say that Alden Ehrenreich will live up to Harrison Ford in the movie Han Solo, A Star Wars Story . And you, it makes you bizarre to imagine Han Solo incarnated by another actor?

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