Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: Why Jack Reynor (Transfomers 4) was afraid to get the role

Cinema 28 March, 2017

Being able to take part in a film like Star Wars has something to make many actors and actresses dream of, but that was not really the case for Jack Reynor.
There are roles that change the lives of those who embody them. Think of Daniel Radcliffe with Harry Potter or Mark Hamill with Luke Skywalker. After obtaining these emblematic roles, nothing has been the same for these actors whose life has been turned upside down in good but also in evil. If celebrity and professional recognition have their good side, they also bring their share of negative points especially when it comes to taking back a role. This did not escape the actor Jak Reynor when he was competing to incarnate the young Han Solo. Even if the film will be very different from Rogue One , the expectations of the fans are all equally great. A pressure that Jack Reynor did not feel to assume. It is therefore without remorse,
“I think that the person who is going to play it (Alden Ehrenreich) is a very good actor, but I was afraid of this project, and I kept thinking: The film, you’re going to massacre the childhood of a lot of people, if it’s going to go wrong, we’re not going to forgive you, it’s a lot of responsibility. It’s going to be pretty tough, and for me, working from an original role is very important . ” One can understand the young man, Han Solo A Star Wars Story will have a plot over 6 years , enough to mark the spirits by unveiling the genesis of one of the favorite characters of pop culture . The film will be expected at the turn and especially Alden Ehrenreich who will follow the unforgettable Harrison Ford. Is it hard to take back such a role, according to you?