Han Solo: An actress of Westworld to the casting of the Spin Off Star Wars?

Filming of the Spin Off Star Wars devoted to Han Solo has begun and the Lucasfilm teams are finalizing the cast. An actress from Westworld could join the adventure!
From small to big screen! We told you about melty, the filming of the Spin Off Star Wars on Han Solo has started and so it is a little pressure from the side of the team Lucasfilm to complete the casting. While Woody Harrelson’s presence as Han Solo’s mentor has been confirmed, we learn today that Thandie Newton, who recently shone in the HBO Westworld series, would have been approached to join the adventure . As you can imagine, no detail on his role has been revealed since we still do not know what inspires the intrigue of this Spin Off.
The question that intrigues us most is whether we will see the actress in her true face or in a more atypical version like Lupita Nyong’O in Star Wars The Reveil of the Force that is unrecognizable in the role Of Maz Kanata. One thing is for sure, the cast of the Spin Off on Han Solo looks very cool and we are very curious to see the first images of the film.

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