Han Solo: Harrison Ford and Alden Ehrenreich meet for the Spin Off Star Wars

Cinema 7 January, 2017

Alden Ehrenreich will have the heavy task of replacing Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo, but fortunately he is learning from the best!
This is a big challenge that promises to Disney / Lucasfilm and Alden Ehrenreich … The first decided to offer a new life to one of the most beloved characters of the saga Star Wars , Han Solo, when The second was chosen to ensure a complicated succession. Disney announced a few months ago already a Spin Off of the saga would emerge and then specify that the film would focus on Han Solo, a cult hero who died in Star Wars The Force Alarm , death Which the fans had difficulty accepting. The real question is: can we accept / love another Han Solo as played by Harrison Ford?
The good news is that the young recruit what Alden Ehrenreich does not intend to start from the sauce, since recently been spotted having lunch with the legend himself, Mr Ford. We imagine without difficulty the two actors exchanging on the character and we are now almost certain, we should find the DNA of the character and we are delighted. Han Solo will be released in summer 2018 and will meet the cast Emilia Clarke and perhaps Woody Harrelson!