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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


Four days ago, Dolores O’riordan, singer of the rock group TheCranberries was found dead in London. Since the tragedy, the circumstances of his death remain a “mystery” to the investigators. Its producer said that he had seen his girlfriend “full of life” just before his disappearance.

Monday, January 15, Dolores O’riordan was found lifeless in a hotel room in a district of London. A new that has deeply moved the fans of the singer of the rock group The Cranberries. For the time being, we do not know the precise circumstances of his death. SelonTheDaily Mail, the “mystery” surrounding the death of the singer remains whole.

Dolores O’riordan travelled to London to record a cover of the tube Zombie with the hard rock band, Bad Wolves. Dan Waite, a friend producer has expressed his surprise following the disappearance of the star. For him, thehas singer was going perfectly well a short time before his death. “Dolores left me a voice message (…) to tell me how much she loved the version of Zombie Bad Wolves. She had the air full of life, she joked, she was thrilled to see us, me and my wife this week “.

This Friday, 19 January, an investigation has been opened by the police in london. The forces of order have held, however, to indicate that the death of the singer was not in the nature of a ” suspect “. The thesis of the suicide could therefore be discarded. In the coming days, the findings of forensic pathologists, should give the investigators the opportunity to understand how the singer, 46-year-old lost his life.

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Dolores O’riordan

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