Hapsatou Sy, a companion of Vincent Cerutti, confides in her new life as a mother

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

Mom of a little Abbie, born of her idyll with the animator Vincent Cerutti, Hapsatou Sy poured out on the joys, the fears and the hopes that rhyme his new life of mom on his blog.
On September 21, Hapsatou Sy and his companion Vincent Cerutti became the proud parents of a little girl named Abbie . Full of happiness and very close to his fans, the former columnist Grand 8 , which enshrines recently one heading to his new mother living on his blog, decided to make its balance sheet in 2016, ” the best year that it is ” with the birth of her baby. Despite ” fatigue, nausea and sore do s” she suffered, the young mother says that the arrival of a newborn has allowed him to forget all the difficulties encountered during pregnancy ” because happiness is immense . ”
More thriving than ever, the pretty thirty-year-old saw her daily life totally upset since she became a mom. And if it has sometimes been lacking sleep, Vincent Cerutti, overjoyed to be a father for the first time , it has always been a great support in the education of their daughter. ” Short Nights, very short, it is to permanently stop for our baby, tired body, loss of self-confidence sometimes, before reassuring and say that is still the wonderwomen! I am lucky to have a loving companion very involved in his role as dad, but I know that is not the case for all. So I draw my hat to those who confront all this, alone! ”
Although she regrets her pre-pregnancy figure and that his body was ” best before ” Hapsatou Sy loves more than all his mommy role and relishing every moment spent at the side of his little Abbie : ” The responsibility that this represents, the love it brings and we give the priority you give to your child, magical moments that life offers me . “