Hapsatou Sy: facing Cyril Hanouna, she does not want to fold

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

For Hapsatou Sy, unthinkable to let themselves walk on the feet by the fans of Cyril Hanouna. Although her husband tried to defuse the situation, she was keen to share his innermost thoughts to the facilitator not touch my job and the community that supports online.
With Hapsatou Sy, who rubs himself there stings. Last Tuesday in Hands off my post , Cyril Hanouna organized a little game. A quiz which allowed a viewer to win. During this game, Baba evoked the career of Vincent Cerutti, the husband of Hapsatou Sy. To the question “Who is spent parquet Dancing with the Stars for lotto balls? ” No answers on the board TPMP All columnists had forgotten the name of Cerutti.
The sequence put Hapsatou Sy in a black anger and she reacted to the quarter turn. She did not deprive herself of posting on Twitter all the resentment she feels towards the animator. “The wickedness of @Cyrilhanouna will play tricks on him. Mesquineries with each breath and it plays the nice one. No one is invincible @ C8TV “. Then added: “And nothing to do with the small army that will forget to eat to be unleashed on me on Twitter. Think about drinking at least. ”
On the social networks, the fanzouzes of Baba are numerous and the twittosphere did not wait before attacking the young woman. This is Vincent Cerutti who took the lead and tried to calm things down. “Hapsatou always says what she thinks and it’s exciting to live every day, really! ” He added that ” we must of humor, self-deprecating and patience to last in this business, these gentlemen know. How not to smile? There is worse as a problem. ”
Nothing helped, the community that supports Cyril Hanouna accused Sy Hapsatou not bear to be in the band of C8. It did not take more for her to decide to put the points on the “i”.