Harry Potter: 5 amazing things you may not know about McGonagall!

Cinema 30 December, 2016

McGonagall is one of our favorite teachers of Pourdlard. And yet, are you sure you know everything about this emblematic figure in the Harry Potter universe?

The world of Harry Potter is full of characters that we adore. And the side of the Hogwarts staff, if we exclude Dumbledore course, prof preferred, it is of course McGonagall! Severe and austere but fair, the assistant director of the school of magic has always been a loyal ally of Harry in the most complicated situations. Honestly, who does not snub the jubilee in seeing the odious Professor Umbridge during the orientation interview of our hero in Order of the Phoenix ? Animagus is renowned, Minerva McGonagall is also a powerful witch who does not hesitate to go to battle when it is necessary. Whether when it defends Hagrid at the end of the fifth volume or she fight against the Death Eaters attacking Hogwarts at the end of Deathly Hallows , it commands admiration. But if books give us some indication of McGonagall, is not yet known much about it. Because the witch had a life before crossing the road of Harry, a life that JK Rowling was able to unveil in little bits. So after you have to discover all you may not be aware of Dumbledore, who will return in Fantastic Beasts 2 , the editorial ‘of melty reveals 5 amazing things about the character of Minerva McGonagall!
She almost reach Ravenclaw . And yes, as surprising as it sounds McGonagall might not have finished at Gryffindor! The Magic Hat has indeed hesitated a long time between the house with the colors red and gold and between Ravenclaw. A bit like Hermione therefore, apparently a favorite film heroines , and that could also be sent to the house of Rowena. It must be said that McGonagall is a woman of great intelligence, a quality required to join Ravenclaw! According to the information, it took the Magic Hat more than five minutes to decide. But in the end, the courage of McGonagall prevailed.
She played for Gryffindor Quidditch team . But once in the ranks of Gryffindor, the young witch did all she could to defend the honor of her house. That’s how she joined her Quidditch team! Well, we do not know what position she occupied exactly on the team, but we see it in the role of Pursuer. She played until her last year when, in a game against Slytherin, she was shoved by an opponent and fell from her broom. Became Director of Gryffindor, we understand why it is so keen that his team Slytherin crushed on the ground and then brandish the Quidditch Cup! It was at the school with Professor Sprout . Minerva McGonagall and the botanical professor and director of the house Hufflepuff have a few years apart, they have always been very close. And for good reason, they have been to school together! Pomona Chourave disembarked at Hogwarts as McGonagall entered its sixth year. It is unclear how the girl Gryffindor could be closer to the little first year Hufflepuff but the fact is they became friends and kept in touch … until they find themselves once they become teachers . And it is true that the two women seem to share a certain complicity, as can be seen several times in books.
She was married . And no, Minerva McGonagall did not stay single all her life! A blood-mixed witch, she was betrothed for a while with a Muggle named Dougal McGregor. But for fear of having to lie to her true nature, she preferred to break and disappear. McGregor died a few decades later at Voldemort’s first takeover. As for Minerva, she consoled herself with Elphinstone Urquart, whom she met in the Ministry of Magic. The two characters lived together for three years before Urquart died from a bite of a poisonous tentacula. Yes, Minerva’s professional life may be successful but his personal life, it is rather dramatic !
She worked for the Ministry of Magic . You were told above that McGonagall had met her husband at the Ministry of Magic. And it is because she worked there for some time, Urquart being even his boss. If we know she was affiliated with the Department of Magic Justice, we do not know what position she occupied. It was Dumbledore, when he replaced Dippet in the direction of Hogwarts, who then offered to come and teach the metamorphosis at school. It must be said that McGonagall was immediately particularly gifted for this branch of magic. Like what our beloved director of Gryffindor is full of surprises ! Thank you JK Rowling and Pottermore thank you! Have a comment for Minerva McGonagall?