Harry Potter: A perfect symmetry between the books of the saga?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Harry Potter has not yet fallen to the French baccalaureat, yet there would be something. A theory says that JK Rowling would have created a perfect symmetry of the 7 volumes …
At the editorial ‘of melty, we think you’ll agree with us: the saga Harry Potter , it’s still a literary monument. Yes, yes, in the same way as the dusty books that must be read in progress, let’s go straight. The style and narrative construction of the glittering wizard’s story are far from being botched by JK Rowling. So, okay, there are still three plots that never really included in Harry Potter (you can enlighten us in comments, perhaps?). On the other hand, we are obliged to draw our choice from the novelist, who apparently would have managed to create a perfect symmetry between the seven books. In any case the claims of several users on the website Reddit . Basically, there would be a mirror effect between the volumes 1 and 7 first volumes 2 and 6 then, and finally the volumes 3 and 5 . As for volume 4, it would be the pivot of this symmetry well thought, marking the great return of Flight … finally, You-know-who.
The more you think about it, the more you think that this theory is downright probable. Some examples taken at random: in Volume 1, Harry can see his parents in the Mirror of Rised; In volume 7, it is thanks to the Resurrection Stone that he sees them. Among the list of symmetries found on this Tumblr , it is also clear that in these two books, Harry will suspect wrongly Rogue to have pledged allegiance to Voldemort. And the symmetry continues between volumes 2 and 6! Harry discovers the book belonging to Tom Riddle in his adventures that lead him to the Chamber of Secrets. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , the young wizard also a book belonging to Rogue this time. Both episodes also evoke the attraction to Ginny Harry (in Volume 2) and Harry’s for Ginny (in Volume 6) . Are you still following? Here is a final example of this theory of symmetry that one really begins to take seriously: if Sirius Black escapes from prison in volume 3, it will also be the case of Bellatrix Lestrange in volume 5. Rather stylish as theory, especially as it confirms that Harry Potter is definitely a literary masterpiece. Although it is not without mystery: we want to know what’s happening at Hogwarts during the summer, when Harry Potter is not there! Have you found other elements of symmetry between the tomes?