Harry Potter: But, by the way, what happens to Hogwarts during the summer?

Cinema 18 January, 2017

When students leave Hogwarts for the summer holidays, what happens in the corridors of the castle? On Reddit, fans have fun imagining it … and it’s crazy!
That’s it, FINALLY, JK Rowling has answered the question all Potter fans arose . We are happy, but we are not going to lie, we have not yet finished exploring the mysteries of the sorcerer with glasses. Starting with the emblematic place without which the saga would have been a little less stylish, Hogwarts. Between us, who never wondered what was going on during the summer? On Reddit , fans have their theories, and some are downright exciting: “I well imagine to camp, doing the Quidditch”. And so, while their students are not there, the teachers took the opportunity to partying at Hogwarts? After all, they are sorcerers like the others. “I think a handful of professors live at Hogwarts all year, so they would always be there.” Hagrid and Trelawney at least, for sure, maybe they organize events in the hall or gardens for Adult wizards? Ooh, weddings at Hogwarts maybe! ” , Explains a surfer.
For others, the holidays at Hogwarts are much more banal and consist mainly of maintaining the castle and its surroundings. “I think it’s like in college, during the summer the teachers do their own research, of course most of the time they have to mark tests and then they take their holidays” : a less amusing theory imagine the teachers of Hogwarts to party all summer long , but why not! Otherwise, confirming this theory regarding the school janitor, we still difficult to imagine taking a vacation : “I imagine Filch about to wander happily through the castle in search of all that it could clean and he has not seen during the year ” . Well, then, we do not pack too much, because the books give us some clues about what happens during the summer at Hogwarts: professors especially benefit to surround the castle with a string of spells in order to protect and hide in sight to the Muggles … Otherwise, melty on, we also listed the 3 plots that never really included in Harry Potter . In your opinion, what happens at Hogwarts during the summer?